Benefits of A Responsive Website

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What is a responsive website?

When we say a website is responsive, it means that website adjusts to different screen sizes appropriately.
Regardless of any device that could be a laptop, phone or a tablet, website visitors can view well formatted and clearly readable content. This is how it makes our site mobile-friendly and easily accessible.

Improves Ranking in Search Engines

Making a site responsive can also help us improving our rank in search engines. This is because
now a days people are addicted to their smart phones; one cannot carry his laptop or desktop
everywhere as these devices are not that easy to carry as compared to the smart phones. So, in
this era, responsive design is no longer an innovation, instead it has become a standard
component of any SEO plan, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Google Favors Mobile-friendly Websites

Mobile web browsing overtook desktop, as a mobile has become a first choice of the user now a
days. Now a days Google is the most used search engine, as it is built for users, for people who
search the web. Users are accessing web via mobile devices, and Google acts accordingly, it is a
reason that Google is going to favor those sites that meet the needs of Google users, or we can
say Google favors those sites that can be easily accessible to user over their smart phones.

Responsive Web Design adapts to different screen size

Even if user switch between smart phones and laptops, the website immediately adapts
accordingly, and if your site effectively displays your site’s content regardless of size of
screen, this will make easy for search engine to display your websites content.
As, Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern. Since increasing site
usability by using responsive design will not only satisfies the user but also rewarded byt
Google with better rankings.

More Traffic & More Conversions

As a responsive website can display content nicely on all different screen sizes, it enables more users to visit and browse through your website seamlessly, which directly leads to increased traffic. In responsive websites, you can display contact forms, products and services nicely on mobile device screens, which can encourage users to make a purchase or fill-up a contact us form, leading to more conversion. On the contrary, if you do not have a responsive website, your website contact-us form can appear on a mobile devie
with same settings as for any visitor opening the same form on a laptop. This can make fonts and text boxes appear to small for a mobile phone's small screen and hence can make it difficult for users to read or fill-up the form

More Social Sharing via Mobile Phones

So, a mobile responsive design enables you to not only put up relevant content for use but
also display it in a way that is mobile device friendly.
Social media marketing have a great impact on business and market. Remember that the
more people talk about your brand on social media, like, follow and recommend your
brand page to others, the more chances of your web page to rising up in search ranking.
Social media users can keep the memory of your brand alive in the minds of a vast
number of people by sharing your page on their walls. This in the turn will create
awareness about your product, which eventually will convert into more

As the responsive website makes social sharing easy for the user, social shares won’t be
impacting directly on your rankings but it will definitely grow your customer and
audience. A bigger audience means more search demand of your brand.
So a website which is not accessible on mobile devices or have poor design might have a
hard time to convince its users to navigate or to use the social sharing options that are
designed for purely desktop use.

To summarize, if you need more conversions or more sales or more leads to be generated, you must have a responsive website.

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